A different world...

The mind is such a powerful thing.

No matter what is going on around you, you have the power to create the life and reality that you desire. Some will say that ultimately God has the final say and you can't control what happens to you. To an extent that is very true. The Most High does have the final say and no one is exempt from anything happening to them. But we are made from energy and energy attracts energy.

When I say that you have the power to create the life and reality that you desire. I mean that what you put out into the universe, the energy that you exude goes out in search of energy just like it and links up with it. It bonds together so now you are connected to more of the same energy. That can be good or bad energy and as people we have a choice in everything. We choose how we want to behave, handle and react to anything. Our choices as individuals are what determines our path and how we get to where we are going. I believe that when we are born, The Most High has a positive plan for our lives. I don't believe that anyone is brought on this earth to be a crappy person or just to be a negative being.

Free will gives us that choice.

As we grow we have passions and loves, things we are good at and connect to. But that doesn't automatically mean that we will pursue those things full force and align with our purpose. There are plenty of people who choose to stay places that don't make them happy. Who go along with things that go against their gut feeling about it. I mean how many times have you gone against your intuition and later said: "Dang, I knew I should've left", "Dang, I knew that was going to happen" or "I should've followed my first mind."?


I've done it plenty of times and I'm sure down the line it'll happen again because I'm human and so is everyone else. But in every single moment we have a choice and it's those choices that shape our reality. Whether we decide to let every negative thing get under our skin, make us feel like crap and hide from the world. Whether we dwell on things and let them consume us or if we decide that the next moment is brand new and we can choose whether we stay where we are at or reach higher and be better.

I'm totally aware of all the things going on in the world and I am an empath so the feelings get heavy sometimes. Especially when I first hear some bad news and or go digging deeper into the story. But each day, with every new piece of sadness, every new piece of pain that is unveiled. I choose to be hopeful. I choose to not be held down by sadness and made to feel helpless. I choose to show up and do what I know how to do.

I pray, meditate, send love and hold space for anybody who is hurting and being directly affected. I hold love in my heart because that's who I am and I know that in the end, with enough love and actions taken with love at the forefront, the darkness will not have a hold on us as people.

It'll be the beginning of a different world.