How are you? How's your spirit?

Simple yet truly effective questions.

Lately I've been really thinking hard about mental health, protecting your peace of mind, balancing your energy and just self care as a whole. Mental health is something that is very important. Just as it's important to take care of your physical body by eating right, exercising, getting enough sleep, staying hydrated and not overextending yourself. It's important to reduce as much stress as possible. To be aware of the people you have around you, whether they are positive light filled people or negative people who gossip and always have something to say about someone else. Whether you directly participate in that kind of behavior or not. Being around other energy constantly takes a toll on your own natural energy. It's important to take time for yourself and be mindful. If you have to be around others, you might as well make them good people.

Self care doesn't automatically mean that you're lighting candles and or going to the spa. Getting your nails or hair done. Self care is practicing self love and tending to your spirit. It's indulging in the simple things that make you feel like yourself. It can be reading a book, taking a nap, writing, going for a walk, listening to some music and singing your heart out just because it brings you joy. It can be doing some yoga, meditating, drinking your favorite tea, watching a movie you really like or creating something. It can be family time, going out and spending time with friends for lunch or going to a show of some kind. Literally whatever makes you feel calm and brings you back to your center. Finding the balance between work and play.

I was thinking hard about all of these things because it's been a theme in my life and what I've focused on more and more. Also I'm very aware of the people I have in my life. I had a friend who I had sent a text to because I was thinking of her and wanted to check in and see how she was doing. And she filled me in and then asked me how I was doing and how was my spirit. That was some weeks ago and it still stuck with me because not many people care about that. A lot of people will generically ask you how you're doing as a means of simply being polite. Not because they want to know if you cried today or if you've been having trouble sleeping. So for her to ask me that just touched my heart and made me think of the people I've had in my life over the years. How the quantity has lowered but the quality has duely increased and I find it to be because of my growth. Of my self care and self discovery journey and I want to encourage everyone to embark on that journey for themselves.

To connect deeper with yourself, do what makes you happy and see how your life changes in the best way. As you journey you meet and connect with people who align with your purpose, who are meant to teach you something and who in turn you will teach something too. There are no coincidences or mistakes. You'll feel things deeper, opportunities that you might have once thought were impossible will open up to you and you'll be free. All because you're stepping into yourself, journeying in order to allow your skin to become comfortable each day. You will have people in your circle who ask you "How are you? How's your spirit?"

Begin within.

Pay attention to your mental health.

Practice self care.