Wake up, Show up. (Do You, For You) 🌻

Whenever I see anything like the words "Wake up, Show up" it always reminds me of how important it is to have your own back.

We all want to have a support system, a team, people around us who have our best interest at heart. Friends, a tribe of people who genuinely care about your well-being. Others who you can grow with, learn from and create memories with. We all want positive loving relationships. Show me someone who doesn't want that...

It's possible to have all that we desire but to get there you have to wake up and show up for yourself first. Be all that you personally need. Fill your own cup. Become whole all by yourself before expecting someone else to complete you. Go hard for your dreams. Invest in yourself. Seeking love and validation from others is not the way to go to be happy and fulfilled.

It's hard as hell when your sense of pride, self love and accomplishment stem from what other people have told you your whole life. When you're running on outside opinions and thinking about what others will say/do before you make a choice of any kind. It's so damaging to the soul and the only way to turn that around, to heal from that and manifest all that your heart desires is to wake up and show up for you.

There is nothing more beautiful than being exactly who you are. To strongly revel in everything that makes you, you. No matter what you want to do in life, when you go hard for your vision and don't settle for just anything. People take notice and those who align with your message, vision and desires will manifest. It'll sometimes seem like they came out of nowhere but they didn't. By being who you are and showing up fully for yourself, as yourself. You've cleared the fog and made the path they needed to find you come in more clearly.

Wake up.

Show up.

Do you.

For you.

Manifest your life.