Dear Maya, ❤

Hey love, 

I'm writing to say thank you. Thank you for being the first person to ignite passion in my soul. For ultimately teaching me the meaning of words and being intentional in all that I do. Thank you for seeing me and speaking to me as a young girl. Speaking to me not out loud or face to face but through your work we spoke soul to soul. 

I was a pre-teen and over the years of reading your work and watching you speak my whole world has been shaped for the greater good. Something in me recognizes something in you and I've found more comfort, love, inspiration, power, strength, and joy in your work than anything else. Because of you I write, know the power of words and push forward with kindness, understanding and love. 

You have been my mother, best friend, sister, and confidant for many years. You still are. I know you are not physically here on this earth anymore but your legacy lives on within the hearts and spirits of every single person you have ever inspired including myself. You are the epitome of love and you lived such a life. Not the easiest but you used every experience to be the best version of yourself. You shared your story and perspective and influenced the masses. 

To me you are such a Queen, a true legend. Easily recognized and honored by so many. I love you beyond words and think of you often. One of my dreams in life was to meet you face to face, hold your hand and say thank you. To let you feel all that you mean to me. Unfortunately that wasn't able to happen but I know you hear me when I talk to you and feel me when I think of you. I hope you don't mind that there have been one of two people who have called me Little Maya. Not that I could ever be the woman you are but it's rather sweet and pretty damn powerful that anyone could ever even form the comparison yeah? I'm always honored to even be in the same sentence with you because I adore you and you really are such a big part of my life. 

I'm still making my way through all the books you've written and you know I have done my best to watch as many interviews, performances and speeches that I can find that you've ever done. You are just everything to me. A divine spirit and beautiful soul. A mother figure. A sister and friend. You heard me out and comforted me when I didn't have anyone else. You were the voice of reason in my head that let me know that I could make it through times that I didn't think I would ever make it through. I hope you feel how much you were needed in my life and how grateful I am that you ever existed. 

I strive to make you proud and I know you're watching and keeping an eye on me. Even though we've never met physically, I just feel that we are connected beyond life. I love you. You're such a gem. I hope you're living it up and at eternal peace. Still writing, experiencing other energies, being nourished spiritually and having a great time. I hope you've had a great birthday this far. Thinking of you, Rest easy Queen 👑❤ 


      Kevonne ❤