JAHKOY: Mr. Foreign Water.

To kick off my music monday's, and give anyone who takes a moment to read some insight on the music I listen to and the artists that I find it imperative to rock with. I wanted to start with a guy named Jahkoy. I was introduced to this guy early this year when Kehlani released her tour dates and I saw his name on the flyer as one of the opening acts. I had no clue who he was but I was curious and I was attending the tour so as the days got closer to the show I looked him up and gave him a listen.

Boy am I glad that I did. With an infectious smile and vocals that are both buttery smooth and raspy all in the same breath. He has the ability to comfort you, put you in your feelings and entice you all at the same time. There's no question about why he's here and doing what he's doing with music. Before you even hear his voice, his energy makes him instantly likable. A vibrant, colorful, infectious ball of positive energy that makes you want to be around him. A friendly jokester that makes you comfortable in his presence but also not to be underestimated. When it comes to what he holds dearest to his heart, he possesses a certain demeanor where business is handled and he can still blow you away.

Looking at his journey, hailing from Toronto, making music from his early teens up until now. Making the transition from MC to Singer. Taking the leap of faith needed to make his dreams come true by buying a one-way ticket to Los Angeles. No plan b but what he did have was a fiery determination in his spirit that didn't allow "No" to be an acceptable answer. His belief in himself and having the guts to just go and make it happen worked out well in his favor.

Not long after being in LA, he began networking and was embraced by a family of creatives. Doors opened naturally and he found his label home at Def Jam records. Knowing the history of the label and it being a home to the many heavyweights that Jahkoy himself looks up to. He knew it was the right fit and felt right at home.

Taking a look at his music portfolio, I was introduced to him at a time that he released his project "Foreign Water".

A blend of musical genres that range from old-school R&B fused with Caribbean and dance music. A self proclaimed lover by nature, Jahkoy tugs on your heartstrings with tracks like "No Regrets" an ode to love and not being afraid to indulge in love because that's ultimately what we are here for. Him having no regrets in doing so. Makes you dance with lighthearted Caribbean infused track "Don't Stop The Vibe". The well-known love letter to California, an ode to dreams and being grateful for the journey that takes root in the track "California Heaven". "1000 Times" is the epitome of being with someone and you just want them to stop playing games and give in to love, to stop denying it because they already know what it is. He brings it back down to a mellow vibe in "Don't Beg" and makes his point very clear in "F N Sexy". Tracks about not begging for love and letting the truth of the situation set you free. Last but not least it rounds out with a track called "Selfish", an ode to knowing yourself and saying yeah I know that I'm a certain way but I really just want you to understand where I'm coming from.

A feel good project that allows you to groove along and go through the motions without it being too heavy. Talking about love and enjoying yourself. Not being afraid to give your all to any kind of relationship including the one you have with your dreams. Blending genres and not boxing himself into a certain category which makes for a really awesome listening experience which translates into a wonderful live show as well.

I enjoyed Foreign Water so much that I looked into his previous music and came across a mixtape he dropped 2 years ago called "Forward Thinking". Followed by "Forward Thinking 2". Both available on his soundcloud and if you'd like to go and listen click on the photos below.

Both "Forward Thinking" and "Forward Thinking II" are projects filled with feel good R&B that showcase Jahkoy's vocal range and the tone of his voice. Listening to them had me a little upset that I hadn't heard of him sooner because I could have been jamming to his music and vibing for years. Some of my favorites are "Acceptance" a track that is soulful and smooth. Very sonically pleasing and something I can listen to without hesitation no matter what mood I am in. "Downtown" which is another one I can just vibe to and sing along with. More upbeat tracks that fuse genres include "Heart Smile", "Trading Places" and "Closer". Others that deserve an honorable mention definitely include "Everything". As a whole they are solid projects that are multi-layered and feel good. There is no doubt that anyone listening can find a few songs that they vibe with.

I'm still a little salty that I didn't hear about him earlier but I do know that all things happen for a reason and I know of him now so I can rock with him from here on out. Proudly so because I was able to see him perform and exchange energy with him a couple times during this Kehlani tour and I can honestly say that he puts on one hell of a show. His energy is fun, interactive and personable. You don't feel like he's untouchable or distant. It's like watching a friend up on stage doing his thing. It's easy to feel a sense of being proud and just wanting to see him win. During the shows I watched as a majority of the crowds didn't know him beforehand but embraced him immediately and jammed along. Naturally so, the girls going crazy but even the guys vibed too. The meet n greet lines getting longer every time. It was a beautiful thing to witness and I'm happy to see a person with his genuine energy and talent making waves. Capturing hearts from city to city.

Needless to say that after hearing his music, seeing him perform live, watching his interviews, and just vibing. I'm a fan and am rocking with him in all that he does for however long he decides to create. Well... honestly for as long as I'm alive and well enough to listen to music because his tunes are timeless and can be played at any time. His spirit is also genuine and I connect to that. I look forward to seeing where this life, his talent and drive takes him in the future. Wherever it is I'm sure it will be somewhere fulfilling and I wish him well!

If you're reading this and want to keep up with him going forward, follow him on all the socials "@jahkoy", peep his website { jahkoy.com } and show him love.

Thanks for reading & stay tuned for the next Music Monday Xx

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