KYLE DION: Honeyed Vocal Crooner.

On this edition of Music Monday's, I present to you the curly haired and honeyed-vocal R&B crooner that goes by the name of Kyle Dion. He was brought to my attention back in 2014 when I heard a track called "How We Do Us" from Kehlani's "Cloud 19" mixtape that featured Kyle himself. I was immediately intrigued and drawn in by his warm tone and effortless transitions between notes. Honestly his voice reminded me of that relief and comfort that you experience when you are sick and your throat is hurting and you finally make some really good tea with the perfect amount of honey. You take a sip and everything feels better, so you want more.

That was me with Kyle's music, I was completely drawn in, never wanting to be released and I had to look into him further to see what he was all about. The 23 year old, Florida native felt stagnant in his hometown and took the leap, moving to Los Angeles to further his growth as an artist. To be around more people who were on the same wavelength creatively. It more than paid off. Taking a deeper look into his music catalog. He released his debut project aptly named "Sixes & Sevens" in 2014. (click photo to listen)

A 10-track project filled with beautiful, smooth comforting vocals that encourages you to relax and kinda sway bounce along accompanied by lyrics that touch on the different emotions that a relationship can make you experience. How the emotions can switch up, intensify and be all over the place which results in feeling crazy. A feeling that we can all relate to on some level. Honorable mention going to tracks like "Purple Meadows" a mellow ode to a beautiful fantasy that takes you away to a better space with the one you love, the fantasy and escape that you created together. "Ignite" a mid-tempo track that nods towards the spark between two lovers and the damage that they can do together. "The Other Night In LA" a vibey track recalling a feeling he had that reminds him of a good night in the city of LA. "Rewrite Living" a track that is touching on how good it can be if you and your significant other redefine what it means to really live your life. "What Was It" posing the question that okay if you're saying that this wasn't love, then what indeed was it? You just want answers. A beautiful introduction to that, that is Kyle Dion.

Following up "Sixes & Sevens", Kyle dropped his second mixtape titled "Painting Sounds" in 2016 and paint sounds he surely did.

An 8-track project filled with upbeat, jazzy and soul filled tracks that encourage you to groove along while still staying true to the theme of love. Kyle relaxes into and beautifully showcases his undeniably recognizable falsetto. Honorable mention going to tracks like "Get You Alone" a track about putting up a front for the public so nobody knows your business but knowing that when you two are alone it's a whole different story. "Another Life" a track that speaks on the balance of being fed up with how your life is going and wanting to start over but also accepting where you are, the journey of it all and how things are happening the way they are supposed to. "In Your Feelings" a track about emotions taking over and things are going left because you got in your feelings. "Timed Out" an upbeat groovy track that speaks on running out of time for things. So you have to prioritize and deem what is important to worry about and what isn't. The overall project has the perfect balance between upbeat, feel good, danceable tracks and mellow, smooth R&B tracks that touch the soul and make you feel something. Music you want to share with others.

Letting his previous projects marinate and only creating when he feels it. There was a space of time before Kyle came back on the scene releasing his track "Hold On The Me". A soothing track that makes it feel like time has stopped once you press play. Giving us all those luscious silky vocals and again showcasing his signature falsetto and honeyed tone. It speaks on not letting go of someone, a plea for the one you want to hold on to you. That everything will be alright if you two just stay in the moment and don't give up.

More recently Kyle returned with another R&B track titled "Cool Side of the Pillow" (click photo to listen)

Once again entrancing us with velvety vocals and a mellow almost deconstructed but ultra feel good vibe. Pulling on our heartstrings and making us do the church stomp praise dance when hearing those effortless transitions between notes. It being a year between this release and his last one, it was well worth the wait. Almost being as if no time has passed at all. The love and reaction to the track has proven that good music is good music and people gravitate towards authenticity so taking your time to create, honoring your process and doing what feels good to your soul is the best way to do it. Quality over quantity every single time. Those who rock with you, rock with you and they always will. Those who don't understand, probably aren't meant to so just leave it at that and continue doing your thang.

Kyle Dion, has our attention.

He's a whole vibe.

Keep up with him and his journey by searching "Kyle Dion" on social media.