SABRINA CLAUDIO: Velvet Songbird..

When it comes to this next artist, I have to give a huge shoutout to social media. It comes in clutch in regards to discovering new music and networking. Looking back on my twitter I can say that it was exactly April 21st, 2015 when someone I followed retweeted the velvet songbird Sabrina Claudio onto my timeline. My immediate reaction was.. and I quote: "Ummm @SabrinaClaudio though?! She was RT'd on my TL & I'm nosey so I peeped her covers & my goodness VOCALS FUH DAYS. #amazing". The amazement and overall intrigue was immediate. Not only was she beautiful but her voice and presence just drew me in and I wanted more.

Being the music enthusiast that I am, I looked into her journey. At the time she only had covers up on both YouTube and twitter, no original music yet but there was no doubt in my mind that she would be releasing music of her own someday. When that would be, there was no way to tell at the time but with vocals and energy that was like a slow burning candle releasing your favorite scent into the air and taking over your senses, I was rooting for her regardless. Her velvet tone and effortless falsetto take you to church. I was locked in and ready to see where this life and her talent was going to take her.


For starters it took the Miami native from her hometown of Miami to Los Angeles. Sabrina moved across the US to further pursue her music career and making that leap proved beneficial. Putting her closer to people who she connected with creatively and where the music scene is booming and she could vibe and thrive in her own way. After flourishing and capturing hearts by covering some of her favorite tracks. It came a time to put her own heart and soul on display with original music.

In March 2017 she released her debut EP "Confidently Lost" (click photo to listen)

A 7-track EP of mellow, velvety R&B tracks that provide the perfect soundtrack to when you are looking to unwind and merely vibe. Yes it's speaking on relationships as most true R&B does but with this collection of tracks you're okay with being in your feelings. Her vibe is acceptance of pain, heartbreak and powering through it. It's a part of life. Tracks include title track "Confidently Lost" which touches on the bliss and purpose of being lost and going with the flow. Surrendering to the flow of life. "Too Much Too Late" speaks on missing a chance and wondering if it's too late to speak up now. "Tell Me" being a track about wanting to understand the love of another person and wanting them to be upfront and honest. To let you know the things they like, don't like, and ultimately what they want because you can't guess or read minds. "Runnin' Thru Lovers" speaks on not wanting to be someone's in-between as we're all running through lovers, not truly sticking to or committing completely to anyone. Wanting more and not understanding how we as people can jump from one to the other so quickly. "Orion's Belt" is pure and ultimately intimate as it expresses the moment of wanting to show someone something that have never experienced before. Next level intimacy with you being able to show them what its truly supposed to feel like. "I Don't" being a track that speaks on giving in to someone you know is bad for you because they play the role and pull you back in with the promise of change. The project rounds out with an acoustic version of "Tell Me".

After the release of her debut EP, Sabrina continued to drop original music accompanied by stunning visuals including her most recent singles "Unravel Me" which speaks on telling someone that you know they are trying but they won't ever understand you fully. They just don't get it. And her latest track "Belong To You". A song that touches on giving your all to someone in every way. Giving them permission to capture you completely. But also can be interpreted as the ultimate expression of self love.

If she could be described in one word, it would be intoxicating. Sabrina has a way of taking over your senses and just making you melt into whatever space you're in at the moment. The kind of music that you feel completely. Raw, honest and velvety smooth. There's just something about her that compliments everything. It's almost a blend of vintage Hollywood, a bare soul mixed with the feel of old school R&B but with a new-age twist to it. Thus far I haven't heard anyone who sounds and feels the way that she does. The authenticity behind her creation is beautiful and connects where it needs to connect. There's no question of where she fits in because she's not worried about fitting in.

Sabrina has carved her own path and will continue to do so as her journey unfolds. She's embarking on her first world tour this October being asked to accompany 6LACK. So after peeping her music, catch her in your city and see for yourself the soothing ethereal magic that is Sabrina Claudio.