Malia: A whole vibe and a half.

When I tell you that social media has done more good than harm in my life. I mean it with all my heart. From personal experience I can say that creating my twitter account and later my Instagram account will never be anything I regret. One of the reasons why is because that's how I found this next artist, Malia.

I am always on the lookout for new music so I check out the artists that people tweet about, I look into different hashtags and sometimes I just will tweet out to my followers that I'm looking for new artists and songs to listen to and ask them to tweet me their faves and send me some links. One of my followers at the time who is also into underground and independent artists tweeted me and among the names she sent me. Malia's name was the only one that I didn't recognize so I was interested to see who she was, what she sounded like and curious to know if I would be adding her to my musical library.

Needless to say... I did.. hence this post and outpour of love for her.

Hailing from Washington and now being a resident of Los Angeles. Malia kinda fell into music by accident. Going to school, getting her degree and not even truly pursuing it until after college when she realized that the jobs she was working weren't making her happy. But music always has so that's what felt good and was what she needed to do. She followed her heart and to beautiful avail.

Malia has a voice that is soft spoken, gentle, smooth and really a whole vibe and a half. The same feeling of relaxation, comfort and overall peaceful goodness that you experience after either smoking a blunt, drinking a glass or two of wine, right before you fall asleep or that moment of pure bliss when you just got a good night's sleep and don't have to be anywhere the next day so you can lounge around for hours. Yep, that's exactly what her music and energy sounds like. That's what it feels like. Simple joy at it's finest.

Dropping in 2014, Malia's first bit of music released was her self-titled EP "MALIA" (click photo to listen)

A four-track project introducing her to the world. It's gentle but powerful with tracks like "Dull Aches" which speaks on the ups and downs that life presents and the lessons we learn from it. We can't be too hard on ourselves, we have to seek the lessons and overall good from any situation. "Sunny Day" being a feel good track speaking on how a special someone always makes things better when they are around. That she has no complaints in life, nothing is wrong but she wouldn't mind having their company. "Inner-Mission" is a quick interlude that is the musical representation of a good feeling, the feeling of being free. Lastly the EP rounds out with a track called "Satisfaction" which brings to life the idea that someone brings her to the same feeling of satisfaction, creative inspiration and just joy that music does.

Coming two years later, in 2016 Malia dropped her second EP "Letting Go". (click photo to listen)

A 5-track project that reaffirmed who she is and what her vibe is like both as a musician and a person. Truly mellow, vibey and it just feels good to listen to. It flows easily and is simply produced, nothing overdone. Tracks include "Find Me" , a song about falling in strong like with someone and just seeing where it goes. Free-falling into it, getting lost in the sauce but only if they find you and are there with you. "It's Nothin" being a track that speaks about enjoying the moment and going with the flow with someone. No labels or complications, just being. "Note to Self" is a literal note to self about letting go of what you don't need and looking within to find who you truly are. "Grey" being a track about lost love and how things change between people over time. How there's no concrete answer or definition sometimes. It's not always black and white. Lastly the EP rounds out with "Back to Basics" which is exactly what it sounds like. It's a track that speaks on taking a step back and getting back to the basics. Connecting to what truly matters underneath it all. Being more in tune with self, "Spend some of your grind, working on the inside."

All in all Malia is a vibe. It's hard to completely explain the feeling her music and energy bring but I can say it's powerful and necessary. It's like second nature to include her in all my playlists, to vibe out to her tunes and get centered again. It's been really cool knowing about this hidden gem and watching her journey unfold. To see and feel in her music how she's grown as a person and stepped even further into her own skin. Warm energy flowing and she's headed on tour soon, joining Syd for the West Coast dates of her "Always Never Home" Tour.

Malia is the kind of artist that feels good and everyone should have in rotation. So take a listen and vibe out. Keep up with her on all social media "@maliavibes" and peep her website for any and everything that she has coming up!