You mind if I tell you a story about connecting dots and alignment? Okay cool.

Not too long ago, about a week or two ago.. my time blends together sometimes but anyway. I was at work, I was scheduled for the fitting room and I was doing my thing as usual. Checking customers in and out as they tried on clothes. Interracting with the children and people that waited outside the fitting room. Answering questions to the best of my knowledge pertaining to where things are located in the store, what we have in stock, policies etc. I'm a people person, customer service is natural and easy for me. I enjoy helping people have a great experience doing anything.

During my shift a nice woman asked me if we had any kitchen rugs and if we normally sold all white sets of sheets. I directed her towards the kitchen rugs and the linen aisle and said that if we had white sheets they would be here. She said thank you, I replied with "ofcourse, no problem" and went back to my position outside the fitting room. I didn't think anything of it. About 20 minutes later, I was processing go-backs from the front and sorting them on the rack to be put back on the floor after we closed. I was singing along to a song that was playing over the sound system like normal and the same woman came back. I thought she had another question and needed assistance so I looked up and walked towards her.

She looked at me and said "Don't ever lose your spirit. You have such a beautiful spirit and people are not going to understand you and that's okay. You still keep going. Don't try to fit in, that's not for you." At first I was a little shocked but as the words and the moment sunk in, I felt at ease and I completely understood what she was saying and why she was telling me this. Not in a vain way where it's like well ofcourse she's complimenting me, I do have a wonderful spirit. Nothing like that. It was more so just being in the moment and understanding. Feeling things connect. We continued talking and we spoke about energy, how God works in mysterious ways and that birds of a feather don't always flock together. She told me that what other people have going on is not concerning me so I don't have to worry myself so much. All reminders of what I already knew but still needed to hear. I spoke to her for a good 15 minutes and I just knew that my manager or the security guard in the store was watching me converse with her but I didn't care. I was in the moment and that's what mattered to me.

I gave her a hug before she left and let her words just replay in my head. Later that same night I was having a conversation with a new friend and he said I was too nice. I said if I had a penny for every time I heard that lol. But I appreciated the comment anyway. It's just in my nature and he asked me if I was real. Which I replied as far as I know I am lol. Then he reiterated what the woman said to me earlier that night and he said to keep doing me and that I was an amazing person. My heart was warmed and I got to thinking about coincidences and how they don't exist. How things align within the universe. Ultimately it was a reminder for me to always be myself. I doubt myself and question myself just like anyone else and for me it was God talking through other people and letting me know that even though not everyone is going to understand me and it's going to get frustrating sometimes because it's natural to want to be understood. Overall I can't change who I am. I am who I am and that's more than okay.

It let me know that I'm doing good and that there will be people who get me and those who just don't because they aren't meant to and again that's more than okay. It made me realize that being who I am is exactly who I'm supposed to be. Honoring myself and following my heart is the best thing that I can do for me and the world really. We are all connected and me living my best life, honoring myself and living by example can and will inspire someone else to do the same. I might not ever know who I have inspired, that person may never reach out to me and tell me that but I know it happens and it's real and the ripple effect takes place. It's bigger than just you and me individually. Alignment is between all of us physical beings along with the energy of the universe all being on the same page. There's no right or wrong way, there's no specific instructions but when you listen to the rhythm of your heart and follow what it says, you can't go wrong. You can feel the gears and wheels shift into place.

When you are yourself, completely and truly. When you begin to honor yourself and what your soul truly craves, needs and deserves. When you take the steps each day to be your own first priority. It may not be immediate but things do change. The effort and energy makes everything better . I can only speak from my perspective of understanding what I believe but I have noticed that the more I honor myself and who I am. The universe, God and all my angels pop up and let me know in ways that only I can understand and feel that I'm on the right path. I've noticed that over the years the people around me have changed and align more with what I need and who I'm becoming. I find myself in awe of the connections I'm making, the depth and ease of conversations. The mutual love and energy. It's becoming all I ever wanted within the core of my being. Like minded individuals and just moments of love are coming forth and I'm experiencing things I didn't know that I already understood. My mind is challenged and I'm more comfortable while sitting in deep thought. I'm not gonna say that it's always easy, that I don't go back and forth with myself. That I don't fall back into old habits and not make the best decisions for my energy and well-being.

It definitely happens but over time I've realized that I don't like it. It doesn't feel good and my peace of mind and my overall well-being is much more important to me. So I take the necessary steps in order to keep my energy aligned. I follow my heart and do what feels right to me, what feels good to me. It doesn't matter what that looks like or feels like to anyone else. All that matters is how I feel about it and what my soul tells me. Nothing is 100% easy and life doesn't exist without challenges but listening to self and tuning in to your own personal frequency shifts the energy in your entire life. It's such a great feeling, the epitome of just contentment, fulfillment and calm. It comes with it's own uncomfortableness but it's like the highest sense of awareness, it's easier to be present, to be still, adjust to the growing pains and see how the pieces of life fit together. It's also empowering and there's nothing like feeling hopeful and like you can do anything that you wanted to in the world. Maybe it's the dreamer in me.. but hell we're all dreamers.

Allow yourself to align and see what happens....