The thought of you.

Originally I would have written about someone else and sat here and reminisced on the thoughts of someone else. A past love, a friend, someone I admire.. etc. Me being me, I'm sure I still will but more importantly I wanted to bring back something I wrote last year about self value and self worth because when presented with something like "The thought of you" we often immediately think of everyone outside of ourselves when we should be looking inward first.

The thought of you. The thought of self.

"Male and female, young and old, I wish more people in this world understood "Self-Worth". I say that because I've heard stories and have personally witnessed too many situations where people have shown their lack of understanding as to what it means to VALUE YOURSELF. It hurts my heart to not only hear about people purposefully treating others badly, disrespectfully etc. But to see how much people actually put up with and don't say anything.

Yes I know all about picking your battles and some things are just not worth it in the long-run. But when I see people who allow themselves to be walked over and mistreated repeatedly it hurts. It makes me think about when I didn't understand my self worth. The days when I would retract into myself when I was hurting and not stand up for myself. I would just let things happen and wonder why so much was happening to me. It got to a point where I truly didn't feel like I was worthy of good things, got comfortable with the feeling of disappointment. Thinking that any negative thing that happened must somehow be my fault.

If you've been in that state of mind you don't always notice it right away. I surely didn't notice for years. Over time it takes a toll on every part of your life, every relationship and it can be hard to dig yourself out of the hole that has been created. To change the way you value yourself and grow forward in a positive manner. It takes time and continuous effort to turn things around but by the grace of God and all the power in the universe it is possible.

It is a journey, believe me.

No matter what the relationship or the situation/circumstance is EVERY single person is worth respect in every way. Yes we are all human beings and make mistakes and all that jazz. But being that we are ALL human, nothing takes away from that humanness. This world would tell you differently but at the beginning and end of every single day, nothing separates us from the common thread that we have woven throughout our very beings.

We all deserve to feel adored, desired, loved and just like we are important because it's the truth. We all deserve to feel like we are worth the effort it takes to have any of us in someone else's life, because we are. If you're reading this please understand that you are loved and necessary to this life. Understand that it doesn't matter who it is, you are worth more than the screaming, the belittling, the tears. You are worth more than the pain. That's not love.

You are worthy of love.

Starting with self. xo "